Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh drama drama

Pity me, pity me,
for I am to be pitied.

In this world, pity abounds,
at the sound of
another's misfortune,
Do you pity,
or feel glee
that it was not 'me'.

Do you feel happy,
when someone else succeeds,
where you have failed,
over and over again,
when will it end?

Do you care?
Care not,
Tear not,
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"
Alas, to where will you flee?

There is no where left to run,
to hide,
do you cry inside?
Do you laugh,
What do you do?
What is expected of you?

I just find it funny,
so funny,
and you may think I am crazy,
though you'll never understand.
But I want to laugh
and sing.
At someone else's good fortune.

And what of me?
Do I deserve pity?
Oh no, no.
No drama.
No pain.
No gain.
No hurt.
No growth.

So they say.
What do they know?
What do I know?
Maybe I know nothing,
and You know it all.
You. As in, Capital Y-O-U.

Not you.
Or me.
For we
know naught
For we are fraught
with pitfalls.
At every turn.

We yearn to
return to You
Every day.
But today,
I speak words,
words words words,
that mean nothing.

It's funny,
And as the world turns,
here I sit,
in my own little corner,
in my own little chair,
and the fear
has gone.

For "It's all good".


It will be.


THINK before you utter your thoughts.